What did people do before tv, the Internet and electricity?

I think they might have played a lot of silly games, had lots of deep (or not so deep) and meaningful conversations and read lots and lots of books.

Here’s 5 books i’ve read in the last month.

1. The bible-
Who wouldn’t want to read a book written by God! (ok its actually 66 books – if you’ve never read it before I start with one of the gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

2. Jesus>Religion, Jefferson Bethke –
If you hate organised religion (or any type of religion!) you have to read this book. One of the few authors who I think I might actually agree with all of what they say.

3. Africa altered states, ordinary miracles, Richard Dowden –
Africa is amazing. Dowden says this much more elegantly in slightly more words (448 pages to be exact). Totally worth a read though.

4. Green hills of Africa, Ernest Hemingway –
This book is so much more than a story about hunting in Africa. Hemingway does an amazing job of describing colonial Tanzania.

5. Mere Christianity, CS Lewis –
Almost as good as the lion the witch and the wardrobe seriously its that good!


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