My first month in Africa in percentages (by request from some special people)

100% of days I’ve remembered to take my malaria tablets – go me!

99% of thunderstorms that I’ve seen have been totally amazing

98% of days that I’ve been woken up by the sound of random animals.

90% of children that I’ve seen that are totally cool with dragging around machetes and/or smaller children

70% of water I drink has a lovely yellowish tinge.

60% of the time I have to remind myself TIA (this is Africa!) to stop myself being frustrated by yet another change in plan.

50% is the likelihood of water coming out when I turn on the tap or shower.

40% of my legs have been peed on by small children.

20% of my time has been spent sitting in candle light due to power cuts.

15% of my body is currently covered in mosquito bites.

(Only!) 10% of creepy crawlies completely freak me out.

5% amount of days I’ve spent wearing make up (Sundays) good job there are never any mirrors around!

2% amount of my time in Africa that I spent wearing a watch. It just got annoying no one pays any attention to the time.

0.1% of my time I’ve wished that I had a great MI analyst here to help me work out these percentages. (David you should totally come and teach in an Africa school you’d love it!)

0 % of my time is taken up with appearances on tribal wives. (sorry Ellane)

0% number of marriage proposals I’ve had that have involved giffrares (totally don’t think that is a thing Rich!? Btw you would also love it here – sure you can imagine why 😉 )


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