19 ways to distract yourself on a 36 hr journey

So after one train, 3 tubes, a taxi, 3 planes another taxi and a very long bus journey I’ve arrived in Musoma Tanzania.

The journey was actually pretty good mainly due to;

1. Fireflys
2. Laughing over mishaps with spilt bags, underwear and conveyor belts
3. Beautiful crescent moons.
4. The hospitality of the Lubbock family.
5. Stunning sunsets.
6. The sunrise from the plane with mount killiminjaro peaking through the clouds – the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.
7. Discussions about George Orwell with random African men.
8. The spa like temperature in the airport at Dar es Salam.
9. The lights in Dar es Salam at 2 am.
10. Embracing the lack of toilets and abundant bushes by the road.
11. Massive bugs and creepy crawlies.
12. Being the UNO champion ( ok we only played one game but still I’m taking it).
13. Empty seats.
14. Window seats.
15. Sam’s delight at crackers.
16. African timings at the airport and still managing to catch the plane.
17. Eye masks and ear plug.
18. Drinking water lots of water.
19. Bumpy buses and full bladders (see #18 & #10)

So I guess the world is a little bit beautiful, a little bit scary, a little bit funny and a little bit gross. Must of been made by someone or something pretty special!?


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