who wants to see what £200 of drugs looks like …




Today I bought £200 of drugs – a regular occurrence in some parts of London I’m sure. They’re for my trip to Northern Tanzania (only 12 more days people!) where there is a risk of malaria. Now this is an assumption but I’m pretty sure the majority of people who live there cannot afford to each spend almost £800 a year on a drug that protects them from a disease that can be fatal.

According to the world health organisation more than half of the worlds population are at risk of diseases such as malaria and over a million people die every year. With statistics like that I think we all have duty to do something so here are three things I’m going to do this week;

1.Educate myself -these organisation’s websites are all really useful (for the technophobes amongst you – you know who you are – click on the underlined bit and it will take you straight to their website).

World health organisation (WHO)

Public health England

Malaria no more
(lots of real stories of real people suffering from malaria)

2.Do something practical – Maybe I’ll write to my MP, the prime minister, the ridiculously expensive drug companies or start a petition, or regularly pray for those who are at risk.

3.Support a charity who work to eradicate malaria – the average mosquito net costs just £4, for the price of  a coffee you can literally save someone’s life.  These organisations all do great work in areas at risk of malaria so this week I’m not going to buy one single cup of tea and the money I save I’m going to donate to one of these charities.


Christian aid


Could you do something to fight malaria this week!?


2 thoughts on “who wants to see what £200 of drugs looks like …

  1. David Edgar says:

    Beth, are you fulfilling your first resolution of keeping a blog? We demand updates on how you’re getting on! David.

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