What did people do before tv, the Internet and electricity?

I think they might have played a lot of silly games, had lots of deep (or not so deep) and meaningful conversations and read lots and lots of books.

Here’s 5 books i’ve read in the last month.

1. The bible-
Who wouldn’t want to read a book written by God! (ok its actually 66 books – if you’ve never read it before I start with one of the gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

2. Jesus>Religion, Jefferson Bethke –
If you hate organised religion (or any type of religion!) you have to read this book. One of the few authors who I think I might actually agree with all of what they say.

3. Africa altered states, ordinary miracles, Richard Dowden –
Africa is amazing. Dowden says this much more elegantly in slightly more words (448 pages to be exact). Totally worth a read though.

4. Green hills of Africa, Ernest Hemingway –
This book is so much more than a story about hunting in Africa. Hemingway does an amazing job of describing colonial Tanzania.

5. Mere Christianity, CS Lewis –
Almost as good as the lion the witch and the wardrobe seriously its that good!


My first month in Africa in percentages (by request from some special people)

100% of days I’ve remembered to take my malaria tablets – go me!

99% of thunderstorms that I’ve seen have been totally amazing

98% of days that I’ve been woken up by the sound of random animals.

90% of children that I’ve seen that are totally cool with dragging around machetes and/or smaller children

70% of water I drink has a lovely yellowish tinge.

60% of the time I have to remind myself TIA (this is Africa!) to stop myself being frustrated by yet another change in plan.

50% is the likelihood of water coming out when I turn on the tap or shower.

40% of my legs have been peed on by small children.

20% of my time has been spent sitting in candle light due to power cuts.

15% of my body is currently covered in mosquito bites.

(Only!) 10% of creepy crawlies completely freak me out.

5% amount of days I’ve spent wearing make up (Sundays) good job there are never any mirrors around!

2% amount of my time in Africa that I spent wearing a watch. It just got annoying no one pays any attention to the time.

0.1% of my time I’ve wished that I had a great MI analyst here to help me work out these percentages. (David you should totally come and teach in an Africa school you’d love it!)

0 % of my time is taken up with appearances on tribal wives. (sorry Ellane)

0% number of marriage proposals I’ve had that have involved giffrares (totally don’t think that is a thing Rich!? Btw you would also love it here – sure you can imagine why ūüėČ )


19 ways to distract yourself on a 36 hr journey

So after one train, 3 tubes, a taxi, 3 planes another taxi and a very long bus journey I’ve arrived in Musoma Tanzania.

The journey was actually pretty good mainly due to;

1. Fireflys
2. Laughing over mishaps with spilt bags, underwear and conveyor belts
3. Beautiful crescent moons.
4. The hospitality of the Lubbock family.
5. Stunning sunsets.
6. The sunrise from the plane with mount killiminjaro peaking through the clouds – the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.
7. Discussions about George Orwell with random African men.
8. The spa like temperature in the airport at Dar es Salam.
9. The lights in Dar es Salam at 2 am.
10. Embracing the lack of toilets and abundant bushes by the road.
11. Massive bugs and creepy crawlies.
12. Being the UNO champion ( ok we only played one game but still I’m taking it).
13. Empty seats.
14. Window seats.
15. Sam’s delight at crackers.
16. African timings at the airport and still managing to catch the plane.
17. Eye masks and ear plug.
18. Drinking water lots of water.
19. Bumpy buses and full bladders (see #18 & #10)

So I guess the world is a little bit beautiful, a little bit scary, a little bit funny and a little bit gross. Must of been made by someone or something pretty special!?


who wants to see what ¬£200 of drugs looks like …




Today I bought ¬£200 of drugs ‚Äď a regular occurrence in some parts of London I‚Äôm sure. They’re for my trip to Northern Tanzania (only 12 more days people!) where there is a risk of malaria. Now this is an assumption but I‚Äôm pretty sure the majority of people who live there cannot afford to each spend almost ¬£800 a year on a drug that protects them from a disease that can be fatal.

According to¬†the world health organisation more than half of the worlds population are at risk of diseases such as malaria and over a million people die every year.¬†With statistics like that I think we all have duty to do something so¬†here are three things I’m going to do this week;

1.Educate myself -these¬†organisation’s websites are all really useful¬†(for the technophobes amongst you – you know who you are – click on the underlined bit and it will take you straight to their website).

World health organisation (WHO)

Public health England

Malaria no more
(lots of real stories of real people suffering from malaria)

2.Do something practical – Maybe I’ll write to my MP,¬†the prime minister, the¬†ridiculously¬†expensive drug companies¬†or start a¬†petition, or¬†regularly pray for those who are at risk.

3.Support a¬†charity who¬†work to eradicate malaria – the¬†average mosquito net costs just ¬£4, for the¬†price of¬† a coffee you can¬†literally save someone’s life.¬†¬†These organisations all do great work in areas at risk of malaria so this week I’m not going¬†to buy one single cup of tea and¬†the money I save¬†I’m going to donate to one of these charities.


Christian aid


Could you do something to fight malaria this week!?


9 1/2 things to do before I’m 30, #1 start a blog…

… and learn the basics of IT – how hard could it be!?

2. Figure out what I want to do with my life or at least be less scared of the unknown.

3. Do something radical¬†while I’m 28 –¬†like make the decision to go and live in Africa for 3 months perhaps.

4. Take better care of myself eat better, exercise just occasionally, sleep more, work less and stop getting stressed by things I can’t control.

5.Travel more, experience more, learn more, love more Рjust work on becoming a nicer person.

6.Read the whole bible not just the bits I find easy to understand or like – all of it.

7.Continually remind myself that world doesn’t revolve around me.

8.Educate myself on what’s going on in the world not what the media tells me is happening what’s actually happening.

9.Learn this truth “ones life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions” Luke chp 12, the bible

9 1/2. Learn how to spell the word blog (only one g!).


Totally achievable in the next 387 days right!?